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UFP DB-42 Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel)
UFP DB-42 Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel)



Product Description
UFP Organic Disc Brake Pads for DB-42 Disc Brake Calipers 33016, 33017
Organic, UFP Trailer DIsc Brake Pad set for use with DB-42 Disc Brake Calipers. Durable, long lasting organic brake pads are able to withstand high temperatures, maintaining their strength and integrity for longer than either NAO or semi-metallic models. Great for marine and salt water applications.
Trailer brake pad set includes 1-Inner Pads #33016 and 1-outer pad #33017. Replacement pad for 1-caliper.

UFP Part #33016: Trailer Brakes, Hydraulic DISC, UFP Brakes, Calipers & Pads

UFP DB-42 Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel)