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UFP Disc Brake Actuator 2-5/16
Disc Brake Actuator 8400# A-84XL 2" Ball, Bolt On, Inline Mount. UFP #40404



Product Description

UFP By DEXTER A-84XL Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuator (Disc Brakes) - 2" Ball Over-center latch ball coupler - 8,400 lb rating Zinc plated INLINE MOUNT bolt on housing.

Electric back up solenoid included with this model. For use with single axle and tandem trailer brake setups.

Capacity: 8,400 lbs
Brake Type: Hydraulic Surge - Disc
Coupler Type: 2" Over-center latch mechanism
Housing: 19" Long - Zinc finish, 4 mounting holes - 3/4" Down, 3" centers / inline mount for 3" x 4" tongues
Mounting hole configuration will interchange with Atwood 6K , Titan Model 60 & Tie Down Model 66

UFP By DEXTER Hydraulic Surge Actuators cushion the trailer movement during deceleration by automatically synchronizing the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes.
Their linear stroke design provides uniform brake line pressure throughout the stroke for improved stopping and smooth operation.


    • For use with hydraulic disc brakes systems on 2-Axles
    • All internal metal working parts are plated for corrosion resistance
    • Standard with a 8400lb. GVWR rating.
    • Complete with an electrical reverse solenoid that allows you to back-up without brakes engaging.  Solenoid is covered by housing for protection against damage
    • Standard all Aluminum master cylinder for excellent corrosion resistance
    • Sealed aluminum master cylinder reservoir inhibits moisture from entering
    • Rubber push rod boot offers protection against freeze up
    • Exclusive UFP over center latching mechanism ensures hitch ball is locked in place
    • Breakaway kit with cable included
    • The inner-member on this complete assembly can be removed easily for repair or replacement
    • The A-84 is very easy to bleed, it can be pressure bled, or you can stroke the master cylinder push rod with a screwdriver
    • Compatible with weight equalizing hitches
    • Bolt-on installation for 3" wide trailer tongues
    • 2-year limited warranty