Image - Kodiak Xl Prolube Kit Fits 1.98" Hubs *Product Does Not Include Loctite*
SKU: 19801

Kodiak Xl Prolube Kit Fits 1.98" Hubs *Product Does Not Include Loctite*

Kodiak Oil Bath Lube Kit
Convert from messy grease to oil useing your existing hub. Easy Installation, Visual Oil Check and Water Tight seal. Low maintance and Cooler running. Each kit comes with two anodized aluminum press in 1.980" housings. Two screw off polycarbonate caps (visual) with removeable rubber plug for ease of filling and changeing oil. Each cap has a watertight o-ring seal. Two ribbed anti-rotation design (I.D. and O.D.) water and contaminate tight seals. Seals fit 2.56" hub I.D. and 1.72" spindle O.D. One 8 OZ bottle of hi-lo temp special synthetic bearing lube.
NOTE : One kit per axle.

Kodiak Part # 19801

Kit Includes:

Cap and Body
  • Two Anodized 1.980" Aluminum Body Housing For Corrosion
  • Blue Polycarbonate Cap (easy to see oil)
  • Water Tight O-ring Seal

  • Seals
  • Two Ribbed Seals, Anti-Rotation Design (I.D. and O.D.)
  • Water & Contaminate Tight Seal
  • The 1.980 Kit seal fits a 1.72" spindle only

  • Oil
  • Special Synthetic Formula Reduces Friction
  • Compatible With Existing Grease
  • Hi-Lo Temperature Performance
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

  • XL Prolube Kit
    The XL Pro Lube Kit converts standard grease hubs to an oil bath bearing lube system. It comes with a specially formulated synthetic lubricant to reduce friction and help trailers run cooler for longer bearing life. The XL Pro Lube can also improve fuel mileage under normal driving conditions. The innovative design eliminates corrosion and leaks that lead to bearing failure. The XL Pro Lube features a unitized oil seal to eliminate leaks. This proven system has been used in the trucking industry for over 25 years. Bearings are oiled through centrifugal force and it is compatible with existing grease. The XL Pro Lube is made of anodized aluminum with a blue polycarbonate cap that makes it easy to visually check the oil. It is easy to install, provides lower maintenance, and is guaranteed not to leak oil.

    Product Name: Kodiak Xl Prolube Kit Fits 1.98" Hubs *Product Does Not Include Loctite*