Image - Disc Brake,8" Rotor/Hub E-Coated 1350#
SKU: 46902P

Disc Brake,8" Rotor/Hub E-Coated 1350#

Tie Down 8.15" Integral Rotor with Hub E-Coated
5-lug on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern; 1/2" wheel bolts; L44610 inner and outer cup are pre-pressed in. (Inner bearing and Outer bearing L44649 and lug nuts sold separately see add-ons in items profile). Hub and rotor are machined together. This minimizes rotor runout.
Hub and rotor are balanced as one unit, which offers a smoother ride. Simpler and easier to install when retro-fitting and/or upgrading from drum brakes.

Tie Down Part # 46902P: Marine Trailer Hubs & Brakes, Trailer Brakes, Eliminator Disc Brakes, Trailer Accessories, Trailer Components

E-coating offers the best value of protection for over the road use and for fresh water marine (or limited salt water) applications (i.e., during a standard salt spray test, rust will begin forming between 250 and 350 hours).


Product Name: Disc Brake,8" Rotor/Hub E-Coated 1350#