Image - Dexter Disc Brake Caliper 13"
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Dexter Disc Brake Caliper 13"

Dexter Caliper Assembly Fits (13” Vented Cap Rotor)
Cast Iron Caliper with Bi-metal Piston
Bi-metal piston combines a stainless steel outer jacket with an anodized aluminum inner sleeve to shed braking heat 5X faster than one piece stainless pistons. The stainless steel outer jacket is specifically designed for road salt and salt water conditions. U.S. Patent #7,028,813
Oversized Rubber Boot
Rubber boot is 50% thicker by design and provides for positive piston withdrawal.
Ceramic/Stainless Steel Brake Pads, No Dust, No Rust. Lifetime Warranty Automotive quality ceramic brake pads with stainless steel backing plates.
Stainless Steel Bleeder Valves Type 304 stainless steel with teflon coating for easy bleeding.

Slider Pins not included


Product Name: Dexter Disc Brake Caliper 13"