Image - Roller Asy,-Shorthorn 12" OAL Gold Roller
SKU: 6073.01

Roller Asy,-Shorthorn 12" OAL Gold Roller

Load Rite Boat Trailer Replacement Roller Assembly
Two Yellow TPR Non-Marking Track Rollers, White Bushings, 1-1/8" dia Aluminum Bar, Fixed Roller Assembly with Rollers 10" on center. Bar pivots left to right on 3/8" center bolt. One roller support and 3/8" bolt needed to complete installation, See Add-ons/Accessories at right.
Yates TPR rollers with smooth Delrin bushing so no metal to roller contact for less drag are extremely cut resistant, soft and gentile, shock absorbing and will not mark your boats hull. These UV resistant rollers will not develop "flat spots" and will outlast ordinary black rubber rollers.

Load Rite Part Number 6073.01: Rollers And Wobble Roller Assemblies,Trailer Roller Assemblies,(Load Rite)


Product Name: Roller Asy,-Shorthorn 12" OAL Gold Roller