Image - Caliber Snowmobile Lowpro Ski Glides 8" 40'' Set (Caliber #13322)
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Caliber Snowmobile Lowpro Ski Glides 8" 40' Set (Caliber #13322)

Caliber LowPro Guides 8" Wide - Double Set (40 Feet Total) 8 - 5' long sections
Includes All Stainless Steel Screws Needed to Install Complete Kit
Simplifies Loading and Unloading of Snowmobiles
Low profile design allows your trailer to be used for multiple purposes without causing interference (hauling ATVs, furniture, or whatever you may need to haul)
HDPE plastic greatly reduces the friction between ski and trailer, making loading & unloading effortless
Eliminates damage to trailer decking caused by carbide wear rods
LowPro Glides (8" wide) now accomodate all dual runner skis
LowPro Glides accomodate snowmobiles with up to 12.5" of ski stance variance
Guaranteed not to break, crack, chip or wear out
Sold as one kit 8-5' sections
Extension kit # 13323 is available to complete 12-foot trailers, ramps, etc. (4-30" pieces per kit)
** Caliber Low Pro Glide Install Instructions (pdf)

Sold as each or in pairs
when ordering two pick pair to save on shipping charges


Product Name: Caliber Snowmobile Lowpro Ski Glides 8" 40' Set (Caliber #13322)