Image - Adjustable Torsion Axle 83" Hub Face
SKU: 86870

Adjustable Torsion Axle 83" Hub Face

83" Hub Face, 76.66" Between Brake Flanges. Outside of Frame Range- Min 59" Max 67"
2-1/2" Sq Tube 3750 lb Capacity
Inner Bearing 1-3/8"
Outer Bearing 1-1/16"
Straight Powder Coated Multi Adjustable Torison Axle Beam

Perfect for your Torsion Axle replacement or Upgrade to Torsion Axles.
You can Easley do this with a Tie Down Engineering Eliminator Torsion Axle Splined Beam.
Just use the add-on Adjustable Mounting Brackets and the add-on Adjustable Splined Torsion Spindle Arms.
This gives you the ability to change Torsion Arm angles and frame centers.
Pick an Axle from one of our popular Hub Face Measurements and you can adjust the torsion arm angle and the frame spacing to your specifications.


Product Name: Adjustable Torsion Axle 83" Hub Face