Image - Dexter 82404 G5 10" Disc Brake Kit For Two Wheels 6600# Rating, Complete Stainless Rotor.
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Dexter 82404 G5 10" Disc Brake Kit For Two Wheels 6600# Rating, Complete Stainless Rotor.

G5 Stainless Steel Single Axle Disc Brake Kit Complete
  • (2) #82091 10" Stainless 5-Lug on 4 1/2" Bolt Circle Disc Brake Assemblies
  • (1) Model 660 disc brake actuator with electric Reverse lock-out Solenoid.
  • (1) #80326 20' Single Axle Flexible brake line kit and all mounting hardware.
  • Hubs include:Inner bearing-#L68149 (1-3/8"), Outer bearing-#L44649 (1-1/16")
  • Mounting Hardware,1/2" wheel nuts, seals and hub covers.
  • Please Note: G5 rotor may or may not have drilled holes through the face of the rotor, Tie Down / Dexter Marine Products has changed this design as of April 2017.

    Technical Infomation for G5 Disc Brakes:

  • 3500# Axle 5 Lug 9.6" Rotor, For 13", 14" or 15" Wheels, Replaces 10" Drum Brakes.
  • Rotor Diameter: 9.6" x .3125"
  • Pre-greased hub includes bearings& seal
  • Hub Capacity: 1,750#
  • Bearing Size: Outer 1 1/16" (L44649) Inner 1 3/8" (L68149)
  • Hub Finish: GalvX
  • includes mounting bracket and lug nuts
  • Hub Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4.5"

  • Here's Eleven Great reasons to buy Dexter Marine G5 brakes :
    1. All Aluminum Caliper: 380 series Aluminum w/E-Coat, sheds heat five times faster than cast iron
    2. Ceramic Pads: Floating ceramic pads with stainless steel backing plates. Improved wear over organic pads. Lifetime limited warranty.
    3. 304 Stainless Steel Rotor with Venting Holes: New laser cut venting holes assist in faster cooling
    4. Slim Design: Allows short axle overhangs and provides direct brake line routing to the axle
    5. Bi-metal Pistion: Combines a stainless steel outer pistion with an aluminum inner sleeve to shed braking heat fast. The stinless steel outer piston will not rust or corrode.
    6. Oversize Rubber Boot: 50 percent thicker by design to provide a positive faster piston witdrawal.
    7. Rotating Swivel Brake Line Connector: Swivel brake connector allows for convenient and simple brake line placement.
    8. Stainless Steel Caliper Pins with Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings: Allows caliper to float freely and ensures proper alignment during installation and will not rust or corrode.
    9. Vented Caliper Housing: Improves heat disspation and decreases pad wear.
    10. One Piece Stainless Steel Bleeder Valve with Teflon Coating: Will not corrode and allows for easier bleeding of brake system.
    11. Square O-ring with Slant Angle: Helps retract pistons away from the rotor when fluid pressure is released. Provides better protection from contamination of brake fluid.

    Dexter Marine Products  G5 Disc BrakeTechnical Information

    Dexter Marine Products Brake Fluid Technical Information


    Product Name: Dexter 82404 G5 10" Disc Brake Kit For Two Wheels 6600# Rating, Complete Stainless Rotor.