Image - Brake Line Kit, Flex-Hose Single Axle
SKU: 80326

Brake Line Kit, Flex-Hose Single Axle

Tie Down Trailer Flexible Hydraulic Brake Line Kit
Everything you need to plumb brakes on a single-axle trailer. Designed to be used on trailers using either surge brake actuators or power brake actuators (vacuum/hydraulic, air/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic) brakes.
Brake lines provided are DOT/Flexible hoses approved for use on all trailer brakes including drum brakes and disc brakes with floating calipers. Lines have a working pressure of 3000psi. working pressure.
All fittings are brass for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Main Line is 20' and is measured from the actuator to the axle 'Tee'.

Kit Includes:
  • 2 - 24" DOT flex hoses
  • 1 - 76" DOT flex hose
  • 1 - 240" DOT flex hose (20')
  • 5 - Cable ties
  • 8 - Self tapping screws
  • 4 - Cable clamps
  • 1 - Union "T" Plug
  • 2 - "T" Clamp
  • 5 - Cable Ties

  • Tie Down Engineering Part # 80326 - Axle Brake Line Kits - Tie Down Flexible Brake Line Kit - Flexible Hose Brake Line


    Product Name: Brake Line Kit, Flex-Hose Single Axle