Image - Disc Brake,10" Mounting Bracket E-Coat (Nla)
SKU: CMB-10-1

Disc Brake,10" Mounting Bracket E-Coat (Nla)

Kodiak Caliper Mounting Bracket E-Coated
For Kodiak 10" Integral rotor with hub. Mounts to 4 bolt brake flange.

Kodiak Part # CMB-10-1

E-coating offers the best value of protection for over the road use and for fresh water marine (or limited salt water) applications (i.e., during a standard salt spray test, rust will begin forming between 250 and 350 hours).

Kodiak caliper mounting brackets are durable, heavy duty casting of ductile iron or stainless steel. They utilize an embossment in the design to give more thread contact for the caliper guide bolts to insure a tight fitting and secure connection. All Kodiak brackets have side support, therefore the bracket carries the load not the guide bolts.


Product Name: Disc Brake,10" Mounting Bracket E-Coat (Nla)