Image - Dexter / Titan Brakerite Model Ii Sd Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Complete Kit (4835700)
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Dexter / Titan Brakerite Model Ii Sd Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Complete Kit (4835700)


Titan Electric over Hydraulic The BrakeRite II - Severe Duty Kit. Titan Trailer Brakes System combines the consistency of electric brake controllers with the power and effectiveness of hydraulic disc brakes. For use on 1, 2, or 3 axle trailers equipped with hydraulic brakes.
(Works with both Disc and Drum Brakes).  Includes control module, wiring harness, breakaway switch and breakaway battery harness.

  • Electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator mounts on trailer and plugs into the 7-way trailer connector
  • BrakeRite II, control module, wiring harness, breakaway switch and breakaway battery harness included (battery sold separately)
  • Electric current runs to control module when tow-vehicle brakes are applied. Signal triggers pump and motor on actuator, activating trailer brakes
  • Control module is compatible with most in-cab brake controllers
  • Brake controller (sold separately) is required to send signal from tow vehicle to trailer when brakes are applied
  • Pump-and-motor-based system increases response time compared with traditional hydraulic actuators
  • Trailer brakes are triggered when you apply brakes in tow vehicle, as opposed to when trailer pushes against hitch ball
  • Electronic, proportional pressure valve ensures that braking is smooth and effective
  • Controls braking pressure during long-term braking
  • Accelorometer chip in hybrid circuitry applies brakes in proportion to tow-vehicle braking
  • Fluid reservoir is isolated and has diaphragm-type filler cap to prevent spills and leakage
  • Control board is fully enclosed in trailer-mounted module
  • Integrated, weather-sealed connectors make installation a snap
  • Quick, easy connecting every time with plug-in harness
  • Potted hybrid circuitry provides dependable service even under adverse conditions

  • Specs:
  • Application: disc brakes
  • Compatible with drum brakes when used with optional reducer (4844100)
  • Vehicle requires an in-cab electric brake controller and 7-way (blade style) trailer connector mounted near bumper (sold separately)
  • Ford and GM trucks with factory brake controller require adapter (4845900)
  • 1-Year warranty

  • With a faster response time and more proportional braking than traditional, surge-type actuators, the BrakeRite is perfect for nearly any towing application from light to heavy duty. The system works with most in-cab brake controllers to sense when and how you apply the brakes in the tow vehicle. An electrical signal is then sent to the control module to trigger the actuator's pump and motor. Brake fluid is released and sent to the trailer brakes to activate them. The result is real-time braking that, thanks to the electronic proportional valve system, is also smooth and controlled.
    The Severe-Duty (SD) kit has nearly everything you need, from the BrakeRite II actuator itself to a self-contained, remote-mounted control module. Even an electronic breakaway switch, complete with battery harness, is included. And the user-friendly design simplifies installation even further by including wiring harnesses and weather-sealed connectors for simple plug-and-play

    Part #4835700 Titan BrakeRite II Severe Duty Electric-Over-Hydraulic Actuator
    How To Use Factory Brake Controller On 2011 Chevy Truck With Electric/Hydraulic Trailer Brakes. If you have the Titan BrakeRite Actuator on your 2011 Chevy, then you will be able to use the Titan BrakeRite Adapter for your Chevy integral brake controller. You will need to get the correct adapter to fit the BrakeRite actuator that is on your vehicle. The Titan BrakeRite II Severe-Duty Actuator #4835700 will require the Titan BrakeRite SD Adapter #4845900 and the Titan BrakeRite EHB Actuator #4813100 will use the Titan BrakeRite EHB Adapter #4846000.

    Titan part number 4835700



    Product Name: Dexter / Titan Brakerite Model Ii Sd Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Complete Kit (4835700)