Image - Disc Brake,13" Rotor Hub 8-Lug 5/8" Dia
SKU: RH-133-8-10-E

Disc Brake,13" Rotor Hub 8-Lug 5/8" Dia

Kodiak 13" Integral Rotor with Hub E-Coated
8 lug on 6.5" wheel bolt pattern; 5/8" wheel bolts; #25520 inner cup and #02420 outter cups are pre-pressed in. (Inner bearing # 25580, Outer bearing #02475 and lug nuts sold separately see Add-ons/Accessories in items profile). All Rotor/Hub 133-8 are furnished with standard polycarbonate screw-in oil cap. Hub and rotor are machined together. This minimizes rotor runout.
Hub and rotor are balanced as one unit, which offers a smoother ride. Simpler and easier to install when retro-fitting and/or upgrading from drum brakes.

Kodiak Part # Rotor-Hub-133-8-10-E

E-coating offers the best value of protection for over the road use and for fresh water marine (or limited salt water) applications (i.e., during a standard salt spray test, rust will begin forming between 250 and 350 hours).

Kodiak has Automotive Quality Rotor Castings. Rotors are 100% tested and balanced to meet very strict specifications. Kodiaks Rotors are vented to improve heat dissipation. All gray iron rotors are 35,000 PSI tensile strenght castings for longer rotor life. Improved structural integrity and superior performance. Furthermore, machined disc brakes minimize the chance of contamination between the hub and rotor, resulting in excellent performance and long life.


Product Name: Disc Brake,13" Rotor Hub 8-Lug 5/8" Dia