SKU: TR14205D

St205/75R-14 (D) 8-Ply. Karrier Brand Radial Tire (10235)

Load Star Karrier Radial Trailer Tire ST205/75R-14
Load Range : D (8 ply)
Max Capacity : 2040 lbs. each
Side Wall : 8.1"
Overall Diameter : 26.3"
Maximum PSI : 65 lbs
Fits Rim Size : 14 x 5.5"

Load Star Karrier ST Radial
The KARRIER ST offers double steel belts with full nylon plies for durability and increased tire life.
The computer generated tread design, in conjunction with a new tread rubber compound, provides superior traction in wet or dry conditions.
The KARRIER ST radial tires are continually tested for uniformity to help insure a smoother ride while providing additional stability at highway speeds.

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Product Name: St205/75R-14 (D) 8-Ply. Karrier Brand Radial Tire (10235)