Image - Kodiak Xl Pro Lube Oil 8 Oz Bottle (Pro-Lube-8)

Kodiak Xl Pro Lube Oil 8 Oz Bottle (Pro-Lube-8)

Kodiak XL Pro Lube Special Synthetic Oil.
Estimates of 2 oz of Oil needed per hub would yield (4) complete uses per bottle.
Kodiaks Special Synthetic Lubricant Oil designed for Kodiaks innovative Pro-Lube Oil Bath System.
This 8 oz. bottle will accomplish roughly 4 total fills (based off average 2 ounces per fill).
This is ideally a refill bottle to be used in direct conjunction with Kodiaks Pro Lube system. Pro Lube Oil is specifically designed to reduce friction created during the towing process, which yields better performance both at low and high temperatures, resulting in improved bearing turnover.
Oil Bath Systems in general are watertight due to the tight seals used in the system and are ideal for corrosion resistance.

Product Name: Kodiak Xl Pro Lube Oil 8 Oz Bottle (Pro-Lube-8)