TRAILER TIRES 165/65-8 B (4-PLY) 5-LUG
SKU: 165658B5LG
165/65-8 B 4-Ply 5-Lug Galvanized Load Star Brand (order as each/pair)
Replaces Old : ( 16.5 x 6.5-8 Size)
Loadstar Brand Load Range B (4-ply rating)
5 Lug on 4.5 " Bolt Circle ( Center Hole 2. 3/4")
Rim Finish: Galvanized
Max Capacity: 620 lbs Each
Overall Diameter: 16.7"
Max PSI: 45

Designed to improve handling and enhance trailer performance. Continually tested to ensure performance. Modern tread design for better towing stability and reduced rolling resistance. 60 & 65 ratio low profile size alternative to 16.5x6.5-8, 18.5x8.5-8 and 20.5x8.0-10.

(pdf) Load Star Tire Warranty

(pdf) Load Star Tire Safety Tips

(pdf) Load Star Tire Wear Chart

TRAILER TIRES 165/65-8 B (4-PLY) 5-LUG