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TIRE 5.30 X 12 (B) 4-PLY OBS
TIRE 5.30 X 12 (B) 4-PLY OBS



Product Description

Load Star Trailer Tire 530-12
Load Range :
 B (4 ply)
Max Capacity : 840 lbs. each
Side Wall : 5.6"
Overall Diameter : 21.9"
Maximum PSI : 45 lbs Fits Rim Size : 12 x 4"

Load Star K353 Bias Tire
With an extra strong nylon cord construction, these tires have been modified to disperse heat more efficiently.
This tire runs cooler and longer

(pdf) Load Star Tire Warranty

(pdf) Load Star Tire Safety Tips

(pdf) Load Star Tire Wear Chart

TIRE 5.30 X 12 (B) 4-PLY OBS