Image - Spindle Washer, 1" Tang Style (Dmp #11001)
SKU: 2017

Spindle Washer, 1" Tang Style (Dmp #11001)

1" I.D. Round Trailer Spindle Tang Washer
Raw steel and oil coated.
  • Inner diameter: 1"

  • Typically used with EZ-Lube and Posi-Lube spindles and other tang washer trailer spindle applications. The "tang" or 90 degree flaps on this washer presses down between the slots on a slotted axle nut. Used in place of a cotter pin/key to lock spindle nut to spindle. Typically placed between spindle washer and spindle nut.

    Part # 2017
    Installing Spindle Nuts: While rotating the hub tighten the spindle nut to 18-22 inch pounds, which is slightly more than “finger tight”. Don’t overtighten. When the nut is positioned properly the wheel should turn easily and there should be no end play (Back and Forth Lateral Movement) of the hub with respect to the spindle.

    Product Name: Spindle Washer, 1" Tang Style (Dmp #11001)