Image - Trailer Jack, 8000#, Drop Leg, Bulldog Heavy Duty
SKU: 190754

Trailer Jack, 8000#, Drop Leg, Bulldog Heavy Duty

Bulldog Square Tube Trailer Jack
Weld On Bulldog 8,000lb. support capacity square jack serves the agricultural, industrial, construction, horse/livestock trailer, and utility/cargo trailer markets. We have packed "Big Jack Power" into this compact design! The compact design of these jacks makes them ideal for tight-fitting applications where 3" and 4" square tube jacks are too big! This is a perfect transition from BULLDOG's round jack product line.
  • Use the painted outer tube as the final finish or primer.
  • Zinc-plated inner tube and drop leg.
  • 4.7" outer/inner tube overlap-results in optimal side load performance.
  • 5/8" screw stem-provides insurance against screw stem twisting off.
  • Patented screw nut stop-prevents screw and /or nut damage when jack is fully extended.

  • Topwind models-brushing in top cap, eagle claw grip.
  • Sidewind models-1/4"cross pin connects gear train to screw stem-guards against shearing jack pin.
  • Sidewind models-1:1.33 gear ratio.

    Bulldog Part Number 190754: Trailer Jack, Square Tube Jacks, Weld on Utility Trailer, Jack Drop Leg Jack

  • Product Name: Trailer Jack, 8000#, Drop Leg, Bulldog Heavy Duty