Image - Snowmobile Track Grabber Double Set
SKU: 23060

Snowmobile Track Grabber Double Set

Trax Grabber for effortless loading of your Snowmobiles.
Two 16" x 22" sections, easy to slit for rail systems.
  • Innovative lug patern provides smooth interlocking Grip for your track
  • Strategic Lugg placement engauges 2.5", 2.86" and 3.0" pitch tracks
  • Great for all tracks including Paddle Tracks and Studed tracks
  • 16" width accommodates all track widths without overhang
  • Great Low Profile design to make for safe walking
  • High-impact plastic (TPO), guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out
  • Stainless Steel screws : installs with ease will not rust
  • Flexible, Strong and Gaurenteed not to break
  • Made in USA and includes Calibers lifetime warranty

  • Caliber Part #23060: Trax Grabber, Double set (2pcs w/40 Stainless screws)

    Product Name: Snowmobile Track Grabber Double Set