Image - Tie Down,Recovery Strap 2"X 20'' 18K
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Tie Down,Recovery Strap 2"X 20' 18K

Erickson Recovery Strap With Loop Ends 2" x 20'–18,000 lb
Erickson Recovery straps all feature a sewn end loop with an overlay of high-tenacity nylon to ensure longer life in the pull area, where most of the wear occurs in this type of towing system. The sewn loop also makes it easier to attach the strap loop to the tow hooks on the vehicle. Heavy-duty webbing is rated at 9,000 lbs. per inch of width: the wider the web, the stronger the strap. A heavy, 415 series thread is used in the sewing process.
When using, simply attach the loops to tow hooks on both vehicles; once the web tightens up, the webbing will stretch 20% and actually slingshot the stuck vehicle out, giving what we call Snatch-Action.
Erickson Part #59500:
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Product Name: Tie Down,Recovery Strap 2"X 20' 18K