Image - Rachet Strap 3" X 30'' 15,000 Lb Dbl Hks
SKU: 58515

Rachet Strap 3" X 30' 15,000 Lb Dbl Hks

Erickson Yellow 3" x 30' Ratchet Strap with Double J-Hooks
Product Features:
  • Double security lock ratchet prevents the strap from loosening while cargo is transported
  • Patented ratchet shaft prevents webbing from cutting caused by sharp edges
  • Ratchet features nylon lock nut with grade 8 bolt
  • Ratchet is made from low-carbon steel, then heat treated, deburred and yellow dichromate-plated for longer life
  • 15,000 pounds load capacity, 5,000 pounds WLL (Working Load Limit)

  • Erickson's ratchet strap with J-Hooks is 3 inches wide by 30 feet long. It has 5000 pounds load capacity and 1666 pounds WLL (Working Load Limit). Ratchet design has 2 patents due to unique safety and security qualities. All Erickson 5000 pounds and up tie-down straps come with a label indicating size, maximum load and WLL (Working Load Limit). Erickson Manufacturing has been producing tie-down straps and related products for over 25 years. As a manufacturer of tie-down and towing products in North America, Erickson Manufacturing strives to provide the safest products with the consumer in mind. Erickson Manufacturing is a member of the Web Sling and Tie-Down Association. All straps are sewn to the Association's specs. All straps have the WSTDA certificate sewn in, along with the maximum and working load limits.
    Erickson Part # 58515:
    Cargo Tie Down Straps, Ratchet Strap, Cargo Control

    Product Name: Rachet Strap 3" X 30' 15,000 Lb Dbl Hks