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Snowmobile Ski Flex Glides High Profile

Caliber Snowmobile Trailer High Profile Flex Ski Glides
This product assists in guiding the snowmobile off your trailer and onto the ramp of a V-Front trailer.
Flex-Glides are designed to adjust to fit any enclosed or open V-Front trailer.
Protect your trailer as well as your snowmobile's skis from unnecessary damage.
Made of high quality HDPE plastic for durability.
8 Flex-Glides connected together equal 44" in length.

Sold in sets of 8 with stainless steel fasteners

What are the application differences between Low and High Flex-Glides?
The purpose of the High Flex-Glide is to stop the ski from damaging the inside wall of enclosed trailers.
Low Flex-Glides work well in the middle of the trailer where the snowmobile has to drive over them to get to the ramp on the opposite side of the trailer.
Both Low and High Flex-Glides will work on open V-Front trailers.

Caliber Flex Glides Install Instructions (pdf)


Product Name: Snowmobile Ski Flex Glides High Profile