Image - Dexter Disc Brake Kit 6K 12" G5 Stainless Rotor Tie Down# 82092
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Dexter Disc Brake Kit 6K 12" G5 Stainless Rotor Tie Down# 82092

Dexter G5 Stainless Steel Disc Brakes
  1. 6000# Axle 6 Lug 11.75" Rotor, For 14" or 15" Wheels, Replaces 12" Drum Brakes.
  2. Rotor Diameter: 11.75" x .3125"
  3. Pre-greased hub includes bearing s& seal
  4. Hub Capacity: 3,000#
  5. Bearing Size: Outer 1 1/4" (15123) Inner 1 3/4" (25580)
  6. Hub Finish: GalvX
  7. Hub Bolt Pattern: 6 on 5.5"
  8. includes mounting bracket and lug nuts
  9. Uses lithium based or lithium compatible

Venture# 20391

      Technical Infomation for G5 Disc Brakes:

      Here's Eleven Great reasons to buy Dexter G5 brakes :

      1. All Aluminum Caliper: 380 series Aluminum w/E-Coat, sheds heat five times faster than cast iron
      2. Ceramic Pads: Floating ceramic pads with stainless steel backing plates. Improved wear over organic pads. Lifetime limited warranty.
      3. 304 Stainless Steel Rotor with Venting Holes: New laser cut venting holes assist in faster cooling
      4. Slim Design: Allows short axle overhangs and provides direct brake line routing to the axle
      5. Bi-metal Pistion: Combines a stainless steel outer pistion with an aluminum inner sleeve to shed braking heat fast. The stinless steel outer piston will not rust or corrode.
      6. Oversize Rubber Boot: 50 percent thicker by design to provide a positive faster piston witdrawal.
      7. Rotating Swivel Brake Line Connector: Swivel brake connector allows for convenient and simple brake line placement.
      8. Stainless Steel Caliper Pins with Oil Impregnated Broonze Bushings: Allows caliper to float freely and ensures proper alignment during installation and will not rust or corrode.
      9. Vented Caliper Housing: Improves heat disspation and decreases pad wear.
      10. One Piece Stainless Steel Bleeder Valve with Teflon Coating: Will not corrode and allows for easier bleeding of brake system.
      11. Square O-ring with Slant Angle: Helps retract pistons away from the rotor when fluid pressure is released. Provides better protection from contamination of brake fluid.

      Dexter Marine Part # 82092, Tie Down G5 Brakes - One Wheel Set - Integral Hub and Rotor - Stainless Steel Finish


Product Name: Dexter Disc Brake Kit 6K 12" G5 Stainless Rotor Tie Down# 82092