Image - [Blem] Roller Tpr,7/8"Shaft Gold/White

[Blem] Roller Tpr,7/8"Shaft Gold/White

FACTORY BLEM 5" x 3" YELLOW TPR Molded Wobble Roller.
Slight blem in appearance or minor molding defects, does not affect the performance or strength of the roller.
Has a 5" diameter, 3" width, 1-1/2" bushing length. Fits 7/8" DIA shafts.
Durable molded "Yellow Color" TPR [thermal plastersized rubber]
Wobble Roller will not mark boat hull like standard black rubber rollers. TPR is soft on your hull while retaining the long lasting quality similar to rubber.
The wheel portion is made of strong durable,high impact polypropylene to support the full weight of your boat on a wide tread surface allowing for smoother loading.
Sold as each

Product Name: [Blem] Roller Tpr,7/8"Shaft Gold/White