Image - Ufp Disc Brake 10" 5-Lug 3750Lb Zinc+ Rotor, Zinc Caliper
SKU: K71-809-00

Ufp Disc Brake 10" 5-Lug 3750Lb Zinc+ Rotor, Zinc Caliper

UFP by Dexter 3750 lb 10" 5 on 4.5" Zinc+ Rotor with Zinc Caliper Kit

Kit Includes:

1 - 5-Lug Zinc+ Plated Rotor
1 - Zinc Caliper with chrome plated piston
1 - Set Brake Pads (w/painted brake pad plate and zinc plated anchor yoke)
1 - Brass Banjo Fitting
1 - Banjo Bolt (zinc plated)
1 - Bleeder Screw (zinc plated)
2 - Copper Washers
3 - Caliper Mounting Bolts (Zinc plated)
1 - Dexter Axle Spacer Bracket
Slider pins, pad guides, and anti-rattle springs are all stainless steel.

Zinc+ = Zinc plated with top coat sealant that provides five times the corrosion protectant when applied over zinc plating.

Note: All UFP 3.7K Non-Integral Disc Brake Kits (Cap Style) include a caliper mounting spacer bracket. This spacer is ONLY necessary when the disc brake kit is used in conjunction with all DEXTER AXLE 008-248 idler hubs (3.5K axle, 5-4.50 BC, studded 1/2"-20, 1.718 grease seal). The spacer is essential to accommodate for the unique internal bearing placement of the Dexter hub.

Additional Features

  • No left or right hand calipers. (Fittings are shipped loose allowing the installer the ability to use caliper on either side. When mounting calipers, the bleeder screw postion should always be on top to allow proper bleeding.)

  • Ventilated rotors for temperature regulation to reduce brake pad deterioration, excessive wear and warping

  • Non-metallic, non-asbestos, organic pad materials to eliminate corrosion.

  • Disc brake caliper to be used with 5-lug 13" wheels and larger

  • Inlet/outlet port positions decrease amount of air in system through a large range of torsion arm trailing angles

  • Braking forces are transferred to the yoke/anchor bracket and not the caliper slider pins

  • Product Name: Ufp Disc Brake 10" 5-Lug 3750Lb Zinc+ Rotor, Zinc Caliper